Compensation for flight delays : Air tickets to uganda.

Compensation For Flight Delays

compensation for flight delays

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IMG 0035

IMG 0035

Interior of the Chicago O'hare airport. Taken when I was waiting in line to figure out when I can leave this airport. Plane delays are like a chain reaction, you miss one flight, then you miss all your connecting flights......................was stuck here for a night....without hotel compensation.............sucked.

Testing dodge and burn. Too lazy to do any other editing after that.....too tedious...><'

Light Refreshments

Light Refreshments

Our flight has now been delayed 4 times, resulting in an estimated departure time that is later than our original arrival time.

We asked QANTAS if there was any compensation being offered for the inconvenience and they have us one $6 coupon for light refreshments each. They'll have to be bloody light refreshments for $6 to buy us much at airport prices!

compensation for flight delays

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