Mole airlines flight 1023. International flight book.

Mole Airlines Flight 1023

mole airlines flight 1023

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mole airlines flight 1023 - P3 International

P3 International P7901 Mole Chaser

P3 International P7901 Mole Chaser

The Molechaser is the easiest, most environmentally friendly way to get rid of moles, voles, gophers, shrews and other burrowing rodents. Simply bury the high impact plastic Molechhaser in your lawn and rodents will be on their way! Unit produces a penetrating underground sonic impulse that irritates rodents and motivates them to move to a quieter area. Removal Of: Moles, Indoor/Outdoor Use: Outdoor, Power Source: 4 D batteries, Material Type: Plastic

The P3 International P7901 Molechaser makes moles scram by emitting a penetrating sound that sets the rodents' sensitive hearing on edge. Operating in a circular pattern of 100 feet, the Molechaser also chases off ground squirrels, shrews, voles, pocket mice, and gophers. It won't harm the rodents or your earthworms or your pets; it won't even harm your lawnmower, because you can bury it flush with the ground. At 1-3/4 inches in diameter and 15 inches long, the high impact ABS plastic Molechaser doesn't require an excavation of your garden. Plus, you can replace the four D-cell batteries--approximately once every 4 to 6 months--without digging it up. The Molechaser gives off 300 Hz of sound at 15-second intervals and works best in unobstructed, moist clay soil. If soil is dry, sandy, or peat soil, you may need a couple of Molechasers to get rid of moles for good. --Emily Bedard

77% (14)

Mole Rats, dozing

Mole Rats, dozing

Mole rats set a purpose for their chambers, usually with an isolated chamber serving as a toilet chamber and several others as sleeping chambers, such as this one. Often they pile up 4-5 deep to conserve warmth.

Those little pink things in the foreground? Yes, babies. They're so tiny and animated that they look a bit alien compared to the lot of mature 'rats sleeping. Only the queen gives birth, and she manages this by harrassing the other females so much that the stress suppresses their hormones and they can't become fertile. Really puts junior high school into perspective, doesn't it?

And yes, they're massively inbred with only the occasional influx of genetic material (in the form of a hardier brother who crops up from time to time and who feels the need to wander-- basically a born gene-vector) from other colonies. Hence the looks.

The Mole Catchers

The Mole Catchers

I was trying to make a shot of a stork much closer by, when I saw these two getting all excited. Only after making the series I saw what all the fuzz had been about. They caught a nice juicy mole!

Distance about 80m, evening and clouded, hence quality not as good as usual.

More of the series in comments...

mole airlines flight 1023

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